How to care


Wash these pieces in a basin with cold water and neutral or specific soap for delicate clothes. Do not mix colours.

Avoid machine washing, but if necessary, use the washing bags for delicate clothes.

Do not wash in the bath as the water temperature, when hot, damages the delicate fabric of the clothes. The steam from the bathroom also helps fungus proliferation.

Do not soak underwear. Excessive humidity can damage the fabric fibres and shorten the garment’s useful life.

After rinsing your lingerie, remember not to wring it out and don’t put it in the sun to dry! Dry your lingerie on the leftovers on those small clotheslines specifically for this purpose, or even by placing the pieces under a towel. No heat is welcome.

Direct exposure to sunlight or heat from a dryer, for example, can give lingerie a dried out or faded look.

Do not iron your lingerie, as this also damages the fabric.



Panties: ideally, you should have a drawer full of small dividers so that the panties are folded properly in these places.

Bras: bras without a bust are easy to store. You can fold one cup over the other, roll up the straps with
The correct way to store underwired bras is to put them in a row, always fitting one cup over the other and never folding the cup structure or turning the cup to the opposite side. There are even some cases that you can buy in specialised shops that hold 3 to 5 bras stored correctly. You can also put them on hangers.

Attention: The above tip also applies to any garment with a bulge. It can be a camisole, a baby doll, a modelling set or a corselette. Just fold the fabric part normally and, when fitting the bulges for storage, follow the tip above: Do not fold the bulge and fit the pieces together.

Take care of your Art d’Amour pieces
Art d’Amour always uses delicate fabrics and specific accessories in the creation of its bras, products characterised by a very complex confection and manufactured with avant-garde technologies. Only with the right care can they maintain their perfect shape and structure. We have selected some precious advices to keep the original characteristics of your bras.